Sudbury School of Kentuckiana

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The Sudbury School of Kentuckiana is a place where you can learn your heart’s desire to your heart’s content. Children are responsible for their own education, choosing the subjects that are most important to them and spending as long as they like pursuing those interests. The school is governed by both children and staff through a democratically run School Meeting. The students make and enforce the rules in a way that’s fair for everyone.

In other international Sudbury schools students have the time and freedom to master musical instruments, write and produce films, create and perform plays, excel at math at their own pace, and enjoy the experience that Sudbury offers as they mature towards adulthood.

The original Sudbury Valley School started in 1968 in Framingham, MA (outside of Boston).  There are more than 30 Sudbury Schools around the world.

The Sudbury School of Kentuckiana is currently in our start-up phase.  We are looking for committed families to join us in the work of making the school a reality.


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Hudson Valley Sudbury School

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