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Reach will be Toronto’s only Sudbury school. Sudbury schools are democratic alternative schools that foster initiative, resourcefulness, responsibility, interpersonal skills, and attention toward self-fulfillment.

The original Sudbury-model school is Sudbury Valley School in New England, which opened in 1968. There are over 30 Sudbury-model schools worldwide.

At Sudbury schools, students are trusted with full educational freedom; each student decides what to do, how to do it, and when to change what they’re doing. They can adapt their lives to their own personal interests, goals, and learning styles. Children and youth learn together in an ungraded, multi-age setting.

Students have a huge responsibility, both educationally–to pursue activities and interests that are personally important, seeking help when needed–and socially, to build and govern a community based on mutual respect and cooperation. Sudbury education is extremely rigorous because it challenges each individual to take that responsibility, to develop into a highly capable and effective adult, with a drive for personal satisfaction and sensitivity toward others.


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