Makarios Learning Community

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Makarios Learning Community is the first democratic free learning center for students 5-18 in the greater DFW area.

Makarios Learning Community will be an environment in which young people are free to learn both independently and collaboratively according to their own interests and abilities.  Mutual trust and respect are core community values and are reflected in student and staff members participating in the democratic process.  Community rules, decision making and conflict resolution will be conducted by democratic process at weekly school meetings and special council meetings.

Makarios Learning Community will also offer family support groups and counseling services. As a community our purpose is to support parents and students so that families may work together more effectively and enjoy greater satisfaction in their relationships.

Makarios Learning Community is sponsored by Makarios Ministries, Inc. a non-profit advocacy organization that exist to support the community through programs and partnerships.  Makarios Learning Community has no religious affiliation and will be open to all students and their families that value alternative democratic education.  At times, the word "school" may be used as an identifier for the young people who utilize the learning center.  However, Makarios Learning Community is not a traditional school, but rather a community of interest directed learners.


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SouthlakeTexas 76092

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