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בית ספר דמוקרטי סאדברי ירושלים - Jerusalem Sudbury School

Sudbury school in Jerusalem (Democratic) students from kindergarten through high school are free to explore the world, each at his own pace and in their own way. Out initiate their own activities, they acquire basic skills, and learn to take responsibility, set priorities, allocate resources and to work with others in the community vibrant and supportive.

Students enjoy full intellectual freedom and free dialogue with other students and staff. While responsibility for themselves and democratic management of the school they acquire the necessary tools to manage their lives successfully.

Sudbury school in Jerusalem was founded in 2002. It is a source of life in the neighborhood of Talpiot. School has 80 students aged 18-5. No distribution of grades.

The school operates under a model "Sudbury Valley" in the United States, founded in 1968. Many schools around the world in this model have proven themselves for decades. Graduates of the school were integrated into the army, the university, national service academy and various jobs

21 Mekor Haim St
JerusalemJerusalem District

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