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Arts & Ideas is a 21st-century school in Baltimore where students ages 5 through 18 learn, explore and grow in a stimulating, supportive community.

Our school is based on a philosophy of education first pioneered by the Sudbury Valley School in 1968 and now operating in more than 30 schools worldwide. Arts & Ideas approaches schooling from the learner's point of view, turning conventional education on its head.

We believe that children are the most motivated learners around and that learning happens as a glorious by-product of being human. It happens in an environment that is challenging, supportive and attuned to the idiosyncratic leaps and meanders of authentic exploration. Facts, dates, formulas and skills stick when there is interest and ownership. We recognize a wide variety of paths to knowing and learning.

We operate as a democratic community managed by the students and the staff. Our students master self-determination, responsibility and citizenship. These are the tools that propel one forward and build a capacity for life-long learning and achievement.

Creativity is a natural function of the human brain. We see this in our children's art which serves as their native language and as a way of exploring and understanding the world. This creative intelligence is the core skill for thriving in the contemporary world. It drives intellectual pursuit and enterprise. At Arts & Ideas, students engage with the creative process of living life on their own terms:

  • a working democracy: students and teachers together make the rules and manage day to day activities
  • kid-powered: students and teachers explore at their own pace, unhurried and free from an institutionalized curriculum
  • viral learning: a peer culture of overlapping enthusiasms and expertise
  • community-based: our neighborhood in all its richness is an extension of our classroom

We invite you to explore the links on this website, read more about the details of our school and consider contacting us.

There's no other school quite like this in Baltimore.

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