Shonan Sudbury School

Shonan Sudbury school was opened in 2008 Chigasaki.
Chigasaki is near the sea, yet it is a place where you can overlooking the Mount Fuji, Yokohama and 30 minutes to Odawara, a convenient location to move one hour within by a single train to downtown.
The current school building, House to extend to built in '90.
Warmth building of wooden that has been carefully used since ancient times is,
you have us to further enrich the sensibility of children. This school, school to live the children with no inhibition current (now), is the school going to create a happiness on their own. And, it is the school to watch the day-to-day of the first (future) the adults trust the children live. "Human beings have the power to grow their own in the born" to just trust it.Its reliability becomes the source, we will continue experiencing their own heading growth learn that he needs. In addition, we will continue to create a flexible place that govern the place by themselves (autonomy) by discussion. Necessary in the coming era, communication skills, imagination, creativity, coexistence force. Freedom from values.Freedom to create myself. And freedom to go ruled a place by themselves. To learn that it is not caught in the frame there is here

2-1-56 Jukkenzaka
ChigasakiKanagawa Prefecture 253-00445
Phone81 467 82 3755

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