Chester Elliot IV

Chet started on the path towards Sudbury as a teenager, working at the camper-driven Unison Arts Camp in New Paltz. He later graduated from SUNY New Paltz in 2011 with a BA in graphic design and has been freelancing ever since. He is a Hudson Valley native and a longtime staff member and Site Director for the Wayfinder Experience. HVSS is the place for him -- a strong community that emphasizes equality, and like Graphic Design, lets him help others with their passions. At school, Chet will be found doing improv, role-playing, designing, fixing, laughing, and finding answers to any question.

Ernest Goodmaw

Ernest is a multi-media artist with a Masters degree in Art Education from Queens College. After teaching in private, public and non-profit settings in NYC, they began seeking communities that respect the learner's autonomy. They love jumping into soccer games, debating hypothetical questions, and experimenting in the art room and the kitchen. They have experience starting their own business, and assisting in the operation of an arts company and a textile design business. Outside of school they're working on collaborations, organizing community events, and performances.

Jeffery A. Collins

Jeff is one of the founders of the Hudson Valley Sudbury School.  His background is in the computer industry where he has worked for over 30 years since he graduated from Cornell with a BS in Computer Science.  Throughout his career, Mr. Collins has been involved with and started a number of technology companies that have provides services to the financial and utility industries. One of Mr. Collins' goals is to increase the awareness of the Sudbury Model of education.  To do this, Mr. Collins has lead workshops at the AERO conference, the IDEC conference and Sudbury conferences.  He has also served on Sudbury Graduation Committees at 4 different schools.

Matthew Gioia

Matthew began seeking alternative educational environments for himself halfway through his college experience. He participated in Naropa University's "contemplative education program" in Boulder, CO, and studied at St. John's College in Santa Fe, NM, which offers a Great Books curriculum. From there, he moved to Mississippi to teach in a rural middle school and attend the Ole Miss on weekends. He arrived at HVSS by way of a search for a school which permits adults to interact with children and teenagers on equal terms. Matthew's current interests include writing, history, conversation, sports, humor, and foraging for plants and mushrooms. He lives in Kingston with his wife Ana and their two children.

Nina JeckerByrne

Nina has a bachelors degree in Computer Science from California State University, Chico, and has worked as a professional writer for over 25 years.  Her writing experience includes corporate and freelance technical writing, copywriting, and business communications. Nina has a passion for poetry and her poems have appeared in the Chronogram, Home Planet News, and other publications. Other interests include camping, hiking, baking, Italian language, poetry readings, Facebook, and more. She has been involved in HVSS since its inception, and has worked as a staff member for five years. 

Tallas Sandy

Tallas is a Hudson Valley Sudbury School alumna. After graduating, she worked in the Hudson Valley for 2 years before starting college in CUNY. She studied Linguistics, Communication Disorders, Japanese, TESOL, and Communication Studies. She received an A.A. from LaGuardia Community College in 2015 but has put her bachelor's degree on hold to devote time to HVSS. As a student, she visited the Makkuro Kurosuke Democratic School, a Sudbury School in Hyogo, Japan and met with other participatory democratic school start up groups. She hopes to continue promoting relations between Sudbury model schools globally as a staff member. She loves traveling and has volunteered and taught abroad. At HVSS, you can find her assisting student businesses, crafting new resources for students, playing games, and cooking in the kitchen.

Trine Boode-Petersen

Trine is the co-owner and co-manager of the local, theatrical summer camp The Wayfinder Experience. She received her BA in The Arts from The New School in 2011 and stayed in New York City for two years working in theater as a writer, director, actor, and producer. Trine’s pre-college education included a number of years at Sudbury Valley School, the original Sudbury school, and she could not be happier to be surrounded once again by people actively following their passions. At HVSS, you can find Trine working on up-coming theater productions, participating in cooperative meetings, or experimenting in the art room.

Vanessa Van Burek

Vanessa graduated from New York University with a B.A. in Elementary Education and a minor in Psychology. Upon graduating she founded the Hudson Valley Sudbury School, where she has staffed since its inception. Both inside and outside of school, Vanessa enjoys debating educational philosophies, photography, soccer, becoming engrossed in craft projects and the ridiculous fun of raising six kids! She is happy to be a part of a much needed revolution in education.

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