Why a Curriculum is Counterproductive

All too often parents, educators, and even students ask us why we are so adamant about not offering any courses at SVS, and why we only teach in response to the students’ initiatives. They wonder why we don’t just offer … Continue reading
Hanna Greenberg

Being Average is Not Normal

Cori, my oldest daughter and Kali, one of her close friends at SVS are having a good-humored debate about which one of them reads more books. This debate has been going on so long now that for Christmas their friends … Continue reading
Foss Tighe

A Spa for the Soul

One of our particularly lovely and fascinating bankers was visiting recently. It was not her first time, but being here makes most people, if they are even a little bit open to the environment, feel very good. She said, “I … Continue reading
Mimsy Sadofsky

Parenting an SVS Kid

What is it like growing up in a Sudbury School? What do the students end up doing? Continue reading
Jean Leif

Whole Language, Phonics And Two Boys Learning To Read

How do students learn to read at a Sudbury School? David Greenberg shares his children's experience. Continue reading
David Greenberg

Fifty Years, Front and Center!

Danny gives a brief summary of the reason SVS was founded and how exciting it is to be entering our 50th year! Continue reading
Daniel Greenberg

Two Fall Hikes

Hanna describes two fall hikes and how she manages them. Continue reading
Hanna Greenberg


Trying to talk to a person in traditional schooling can be tough. Talking to a Sudbury School student can be even harder. Danny explains how to get genuine answers. Continue reading
Daniel Greenberg

A Fish out of the Hudson - A Sudbury Student goes to India

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You can imagine my excitement when I was invited to speak at The Association of Internation Schools of India (TAISI), the education conference for private schools of India taking place in Goa.

I would get to go to a country halfway across the world on a continent I’d never been to.

I would get to share my views at a conference in a country that’s known to have rigorous views on education.

I was in Germany when I got the invitation email at 1 am. I texted my mom immediately and resisted the urge to wake my brother up and tell him. I was thrilled! I started thinking about what I was going to say. What the goal for my talk would be. I knew I wanted my audience to see my school like I see it. I also wanted them to see there is more than one effective form of education.

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A New Year Message

Menachem Goren is a founding staff member at Kanaf, in Golan Heights, Jerusalem. This is his New Years address to his community. Continue reading
Hanna Greenberg


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