Tallas Sandy

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Tallas is a Hudson Valley Sudbury School alumna. After graduating, she worked in the Hudson Valley for 2 years before starting college in CUNY. She studied Linguistics, Communication Disorders, Japanese, TESOL, and Communication Studies. She received an A.A. from LaGuardia Community College in 2015 but has put her bachelor's degree on hold to devote time to HVSS. As a student, she visited the Makkuro Kurosuke Democratic School, a Sudbury School in Hyogo, Japan and met with other participatory democratic school start up groups. She hopes to continue promoting relations between Sudbury model schools globally as a staff member. She loves traveling and has volunteered and taught abroad. At HVSS, you can find her assisting student businesses, crafting new resources for students, playing games, and cooking in the kitchen.

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