Mimsy Sadofsky

Born 1940, Houston, Texas; grew up in Houston, attended Rice University and received B.A. in English Literature in 1961.

Ms. Sadofsky was one of the group that founded Sudbury Valley School in Framingham, Massachusetts in 1968, and has been deeply involved in the establishment of several dozen other schools throughout the world based on a similar educational philosophy. She has served in a wide variety of capacities at the school -- teaching algebra, bookkeeping, management, writing, English literature, French, cooking; helping produce plays; occupying administrative positions in admissions, as registrar, and bookkeeping; and overseeing the school's public relations program.

Ms. Sadofsky has spoken extensively in public forums about education, has written several articles, and is co-author of the books Legacy of Trust, Kingdom of Childhood, Starting a Sudbury School, and The Pursuit of Happiness, published by Sudbury Valley School Press.

Ms. Sadofsky was, in the early '80's, the Chief Executive Officer of a chain of Natural Foods supermarkets (the first such chain East of the Mississippi) for several years.

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