Jeffery A. Collins

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Jeff is one of the founders of the Hudson Valley Sudbury School.  His background is in the computer industry where he has worked for over 30 years since he graduated from Cornell with a BS in Computer Science.  Throughout his career, Mr. Collins has been involved with and started a number of technology companies that have provides services to the financial and utility industries.

In 2001, Mr. Collins and his wife started the process of creating a Sudbury Model School in Woodstock, NY. Over time they were joined by other people and in 2004, the school was opened. Mr. Collins has been a Staff Member of the school for most of the time since the school opened. His primary responsibility in the last few years has been to promote the school to the local community and to promote the Sudbury Model globally. In this capacity, Mr. Collins has given talks about the Sudbury Model at conferences in the United States and internationally.


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