Sudbury Videos

Introduction to Sudbury Valley

This introductory video is comprised of two elements, both of which present the impressions of former students concerning their experiences at Sudbury Valley. The first part is an impressionistic display of many facets of the schools daily life and institutions. The second part contains comments by former students, presented in a public event.

Sudbury Valley School from

This is a video introducing the Sudbury Valley School produced by  It is a fairly good introduction to the school and how it operates.  There are some nice interviews with some of the staff and students.

Schools of the Future

This speech was the keynote address at the 2000 Arthur Andersen International Conference, Learning in the 21st Century. It gives an excellent general introduction to the philosophy and practice that define Sudbury Valley School. It places the Sudbury model in its historical context, and presents the argument for a completely new approach to educating children.