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Nina has a bachelors degree in Computer Science from California State University, Chico, and has worked as a professional writer for over 25 years.  Her writing experience includes corporate and freelance technical writing, copywriting, and business communications. Nina has a passion for poetry and her poems have appeared in the Chronogram, Home Planet News, and other publications. Other interests include camping, hiking, baking, Italian language, poetry readings, Facebook, and more. She has been involved in HVSS since its inception, and has worked as a staff member for five years. 

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Why I Choose Sudbury

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I think it is now widely acknowledged that the U.S. school system was originally intended to produce lots of good factory workers – individuals who have basic literacy and are practiced at following orders and obedience to authority figures. And that college was generally intended for a minority of the especially intelligent or wealthy. I have been asking myself over the past year, what is the goal of our country’s school system now? I have found many answers to this question, in books, documentaries, articles, and in conversations with people of differing perspectives. I am no authority on the subject, but it is with a feeling of passionate interest that I share with you my opinion, my answer to this question, in the following paragraphs.

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