Enrolling at Hudson Valley Sudbury School

At the Hudson Valley Sudbury School, we have rolling enrollment. This means that a student can enroll any time during the school year. If a student enrolls during the school year, the tuition is prorated to the remainder of the school year. The steps necessary to enroll at the Hudson Valley Sudbury School are described below. If you have any questions about enrolling, please contact the Enrollment Clerk at 845-679-1002.

Step 1: Informing Yourself / Request an Enrollment Interview

Because the Sudbury Education Model is completely different from other educational models, it is essential for students and parents to find out as much information as possible. Students and parents need to have a basic understanding of the Sudbury Philosophy before considering enrollment. This can be done by coming to an Open House, reading some of the many books published by the Sudbury Valley Press, or reading the articles on our website.  Fill out and submit an Enrollment Interview Request along with a $35 Interview Fee. Once your form is received, the Enrollment Clerk will contact you to schedule an interview. The student and all legal parents/guardians must be present at this interview. Each prospective student within a family may have a separate interview if appropriate.

Step 2: Interview

The purpose of the interview is to ensure that the prospective student and their parents/guardians understand and agree with the philosophy of the school. If, after the interview, the student and his/her family plan to continue the enrollment process, the Enrollment Clerk will give the family a Visiting Week Packet and an Enrollment Packet.

Step 3: Visiting Week

The next step is to sign up for a Visiting Week. Prior to the start of this week the student and his/her family must complete and submit theforms in theVisiting Week Packet and pay a non-refundable $160 visiting week fee. The Visiting Week must be completed within 5 week days of its start.  Visiting week is an opportunity for the prospective student to experience the school and for School Meeting to make sure that it is appropriate for the student to enroll.  During the visiting week the prospective student is a fully participating member of the community and therefore subject to the rules of School Meeting.

Step 4: Enroll

The forms in the Enrollment Packet should be completed and submitted to the school along with payment of the first two months tuition and the tuition insurance fee. Once these are received, the Enrollment Clerk will schedule a second interview.  The purpose of the second interview is threefold: to ensure that the student's forms and records are complete; to provide the family with additional information; and to answer any questions. The student is considered officially enrolled and may begin to attend school after the second interview and when all enrollment forms are completed and the first installment of tuition has been made.