Now welcoming enrollment for the 2016-2017 school year

For complete details, please consult the Admissions Director.  You can email her at

Now Accepting Applications for Employment starting September 2017.

Hudson Valley Sudbury School  always welcomes new staff applicants, whatever our current staff situation.  We are also accepting applications for volunteer substitute staff for the current school year.

Working as a staff member at HVSS is very different from working in a conventional school; if your primary interest is in “teaching,” or even “guiding,” then the Sudbury model of education is unlikely to be a good fit for you.

To start the process, see: Employment Opportunities

School Meeting Dispatch: Sleeping at School

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Last week a motion to ban sleeping at school(!) came before our School Meeting.  Although sleeping isn’t a widespread practice here, it is common to see one or two students sawing logs at some point on any given day, and occasionally certain of the cozier nooks in the building become de-facto napping spots; it’s the “flipped classroom” concept taken swiftly to its apocalyptic  conclusion.  Anyway, there’s a feeling, at least amongst a few of the staff members, myself included, that there is something just a little weird about it.  While it’s true that our students have full responsibility for deciding how to spend their time, sleeping is unique among human activities because the sleeper is unconscious (and can therefore hardly be responsible for themselves).  Besides, sleeping is generally a private act, not a social one, and it comes wrapped in an aura of intimacy - and blankets, and all those blankets and limbs strewn about willy-nilly look sloppy; it’s a little hard on the eyes and it’s probably pretty bad PR.

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Coming Events

Jan 14 2017 - 1:00pm

Students hangout under the upside down tree.HVSS Open Houses are the best way to begin to get to know the school.  Students, parents, alumni, and staff members will be in attendance to give tours of the campus, discuss the school, and answer questions.  Panel discussion at 2:00.

The School Year 2016-2017 Open House dates are: September 24th, 2016January 14th, 2017 and March 11th, 2017.

Jan 27 2017 - 6:00pm

Music Night gathering.HVSS is the beneficiary of the premiere house-concert series in the Hudson Valley.  Each show features two new bands and a wide variety of home-cooked gourmet foods and desserts prepared on-site with primarily local and organic ingredients.  The venue is a private home which previously served as the meeting hall of the Old Glenford Church.  Admission is by donation and all proceeds benefit the school.

For the event schedule, directions, and other information, please visit the Music Night website or the Facebook Page.

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